Demo 2016

by Hivemind

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This is our 2016 demo.


released July 4, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tim Sullivan (vocalist of Chained Down)



all rights reserved


Hivemind New Hampshire

Hardcore from New Hampshire.

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Track Name: Clawed Placement
This darkness
that surrounds my being
An everlasting example
of the way things were meant to be

Simple, spastic vibrations
erupt from the spine to the head
reminders of life long misery
ending in a waste of empathy

Lock up my eyes
pry apart decryption from sight
long enough to drop the mindset
damage, pick up the fragments
as if they were broken glass

And I can't help but wonder
what will be of me
every fucking second is skewered dignity
and I know that I wasn't put here strategically
my only fucking option is mourning the grief and pity
Track Name: Monumental Waste
Take your hierarchy away
slander your own kind
with the words you say
Can't you see
your interpretation was wrong
breaking yourself down
with a spoken bond

Living by
the opposite of what you chose
ever think of other options
you lose
Too thick to see whats better
heinously waiting for God

Your whole life
is nothing but a lie

Your whole life
is nothing but a lie
Go on with your bullshit
You won't stop
until you are fucking dead

But its too late
You decided your fate
It's too late
There's too much on your plate

I bet you wish
You could take it back
too bad for you
you will end up last